Skate coaching is getting busier and busier so make sure you turn up ON TIME for your lesson so we can get you padded up.
Please please arrive 15 minutes before the sessions to keep them moving along nicely...more info here

Big thanks to all the ladies that came along to the Girls Only Skateboard Coaching session on August 31st.
A great turn out – we couldn’t all the girls in the shot as they were too busy skating!
Sunshine and everything. Massive thanks to Jenna and Georgie from Rogue Skateboards who helped with the coaching.
Keep your eyes peeled for more Girls Only Skateboard Coaching at OWP in the near future.

BMX Jam Video Edit

20 Aug

Oxford Wheels Project BMX Jam 2014 from CATS AND TRIANGLES LTD on Vimeo.

Thanks to Neddy for putting this together. He’s now throwing himself into the path of BMXers for your entertainment.

Rescheduled! BMX jam was a bit of a wash out so we’ve resceheduled the event for the 26th July. Click the pic for the facebook event

Check the footage from the Etnies tour!

Thursday 29th May Willow, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Matt Berger, Axel Cruysberghs, Albert Nyberg and Barney Page will be coming to Oxford. Shop signing at SS20 from 1pm and sessioning OWP from 4pm. Get your balls signed.

We wil be providing FREE Skate coaching sessions at Meadow Lane Skate Park  on Sundays from 11am-1pm,

More info right here

Photo by Jenna Selby

Girls Only Skate Coaching!
(Rescheduled from the wash out in Easter).

Ladies – come along and learn to skateboard with a bunch of other Ladies in skatepark with no blokes in it!

You lot get the park to yourselves for the morning in a Girls Only skate session taught by female skaters.
And it’s all FREE.

We’ve managed to get Jenna Selby and Georgie Winter of the UK’s Female skate team Rogue Skateboards to come down to Oxford to coach the session for a couple of hours and will stick around for a session afterwards.

We’ll open the park to everyone else at Midday so you can skate with regulars and see what a lovely bunch of idiots they all are.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or you’re looking to develop your skills (and you’re female of course) this event will be a good laugh.
There’s a good little crew of regular skate ladies at the OWP park and it’s growing all the time. Come along and get involved.

If you have a board, bring it along. If you need to borrow a board / pads/ helmet etc we have gear you can borrow for free. Just let us know before hand..

Facebook Event is here


The park is a wee bit flooded at the moment.
Believe it or not, this was part of the design as the skatepark is built on a flood plain.
Usually the rain water drains across the park into the ditch which then empties into the Thames. Thing is, when The Thames is swollen the ditch backs up with river water and , subsequently, the skatepark floods. We did expect this to happen but not quite so frequenty

The past couple of years have seen unusually high river levels due to rainfall from the shifted Gulf Stream so

the park has flooded more often than we expected. But rest assured the park will drain when the river drops which is actually quite quick. The river drops just as quick as it rises.

You can keep an eye on the current river levels monitored at the nearby Iffley Lock.
When the river level drops to around 30cm the bowl and the rest of the park will be above the flood level and drain into the ditch.

Apologies – we knew this was going to happen and it has been desinged into the park.  But as you’ve probably it’s been a tad rainy of late and we’ll just have to wait it out…..

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