Skateboard coaching resumes in 2017 on Sunday 7th May .

We’ll be running two 1 hour sessions each Sunday Morning : a beginners session at 10am  and an improvers session at 11am.

Girls are absolutely, 100% welcome. 

Often we are asked if girls can skate (of course they can) and we can appreciate that a skatepark may seem a little intimidating at first. Come and say hello ,we’ll get you skateboarding.

We can provide skateboards for you to borrow as well as pads and helmets.
If you have your own board and protective gear please bring it along as we can run a bit low on equipment during busy mornings

The sessions are £3 for an hour which helps us cover the cost of pads, skateboards and enables us to pay a few skateboard coaches.

If you’d just like to come along and see if it’s for you the first session is free so pop along  and have  a try.

It would be BRILLIANT if you could turn up 15 minutes or so before the session starts so we can get you set up with pads and boards and get some forms filled in. That way we can make sure you get the most out of your skate.

Please , if you can, print and complete this Permission Form and bring it along with you as it will save LOTS of time and hassle

Beginners Session: Sundays 10am – 11am

If you’re totally new to skateboarding and need to learn the absolute basics then this session is for you.
We’ll aim to give you a swift introduction on how to stand on a board, how to keep your balance and how to safely get around the skatepark.

Improvers Sessions: Sunday 11am- Noon

The improvers sessions are for those who have a bit more experience on skateboard and would like to know how to make better use of the skatepark .
You’ll need to be able to coast along comfortably, forwards and backwards and be able to push and turn on the flat. We’ll help you develop your skills into riding the bowl, keeping up speed up around the park and show you the basics of ollies and street skating tricks.


Starting Out Skateboarding

If you want to learn the basics of skateboarding come along to our beginners sessions to get you started, show you the fundamentals of skateboarding and how to ride the park safely.We’ll have our experienced coaches on hand to teach you everything you need to build your confidence, balance and strength on a board. If you don’t have a skateboard we have a limited range of boards and protective gear to lend . Please let us know beforehand if you need to borrow some gear so we have an idea of how many boards we’ll need.

What bring, what to wear

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes which you don’t mind getting a bit mucky. Also please wear flat soled trainers. If you have a skateboard and any protective gear of your own please bring it along.

What if it’s raining?

We need dry weather for skate lessons so, before travelling, please check our Facebook for up to the minute information.

For more info please email us