Skatepark is flooded!

The park is a wee bit flooded at the moment.
Believe it or not, this was part of the design as the skatepark is built on a flood plain.
Usually the rain water drains across the park into the ditch which then empties into the Thames. Thing is, when The Thames is swollen the ditch backs up with river water and , subsequently, the skatepark floods. We did expect this to happen but not quite so frequenty

The past couple of years have seen unusually high river levels due to rainfall from the shifted Gulf Stream so

the park has flooded more often than we expected. But rest assured the park will drain when the river drops which is actually quite quick. The river drops just as quick as it rises.

You can keep an eye on the current river levels monitored at the nearby Iffley Lock.
When the river level drops to around 30cm the bowl and the rest of the park will be above the flood level and drain into the ditch.

Apologies – we knew this was going to happen and it has been desinged into the park. ┬áBut as you’ve probably it’s been a tad rainy of late and we’ll just have to wait it out…..

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  1. rosy


  2. Peter

    What skatepark is this?

    How can an article leave something so fundamental out?!

  3. admin

    We only post about our skatepark in Oxford.

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