Scooters are banned from The Oxford Wheels Project Skate Park.

The OWP Exectuive Committee have  formally to ban the use of scooters in the new skate park.

Undoubtedly the most controversial issue that the OWP Committee has ever made and one for which we have received a great deal of praise – and not an inconsiderable amount of abuse.

Here’s a brief summary of our argument.  The details of WHY these problems occur are beyond the scope of this document but will be fully explained in a very lengthy essay.

The Scooter Problem

The common problem with scooters is the lack of Skate Park etiquette and “swarming” areas of skate parks rendering them unsafe to ride .

Inexperienced scooter riders users frequently congregate in dangerous areas, don’t take turns, drop in on other riders and pay little attention to their surroundings and this causes huge safety issues.  It has also led to some  some skate parks becoming unsafe to ride as is impossible to take turns or predict where young scooter users are going. As such collisions with younger, smaller scooter riders are common place and injuries are frequent.

The cumulative effect of scooters on many skate park has left them unsafe for use by proficient and experienced Skaters and BMXers which drives them away from wheeled sports facilties.
This directly reduces the level of informal supervision from experienced park users and cause parks to fail.


Due to the ease and accessibility of scootering the vast majority of scooter users are very  young. As such they lack the experience and spacial awareness required to move safely around a busy skate park and rarely heed skate park etiquette

This is a major issue in many parks where scooters riders congregate in riding spaces and often abandon scooters making the park un-rideable for other users and posing a serious safety risk.

Lack of Informal Supervision

Young Skaters and BMXers have older riders to learn from and this where the order and etiquette originates. As most scooter riders are very young they lack the guidance of an accomplished rider to learn the rules from. This is one of the key factors that causes scooters to ride in an unpredictable and unsafe fashion.

Additional Issues Raised

Mis-informed Parents

Incidents of parents bringing young kids on scooters to skate parks consider the facility to be a “playground” are  common.
Often their children “play” unattended in spaces where park users will move at high speed. When politely asking scooter riders to move there are often angry responses from uninformed parents who consider skate parks to be “playgrounds” to which their kids have a right. This has caused unnecessary confrontation.

Skate parks are not playgrounds and for safety reasons must not be treated as such.


The low riding height of the scooters causes them to “bottom out” on concrete hips and edges which damages the park for other users. The irony of complaining about scooters damaging concrete is not lost on skateboarders.


With these factors in mind OWP have decided to impose a complete ban on Scooters in the new Meadow Lane Park.

OWP appreciate that scooter riders are the next generation of skater and BMXers and we may one day eat our words but for the success of this unique facility the management committee have decided to ban the use of scooters.  This we believe will ensure maximum fair usage of the facility and safeyy of park users.
Bare in mind – people are not banned from this park we have built. Just scooters. If you want to ride a board or a bike you are welcome.

With this in mind OWP is committed to:
Providing free,supervised coaching session for skating and BMX to encourage new comers
Will have a range of skateboards and protective wear at the site to lend free of charge to people wishing to ride the park
directing scooter riders to alternative facilties in Oxford where scooter riding is permitted.